Final Phase of Our Building Campaign is Here!

Camp Ta-Kum-Ta is so happy to announce that we are entering the final phase (in 2015 & 2016) of our building campaign.  We have accomplished a lot since purchasing our property in 2008, but we still have a long way to go to reach our goal of building a world class facility for our campers & their families; a place where they can come and leave the label of cancer at the gate!

This November we started the final steps for the expansion of the main lodge septic.  This involves two bio tanks, a pumping Hero Fund Improves Septic at Camp TKTstation and a 700 foot force main.  The original septic system for the ‘residential home’ which is now our main lodge, needed to be expanded to be able to accommodate our year-round use, especially during the winter months when we hold our Winter Programs and the campers stay in the main lodge.

Next Steps

This winter, we will start the second mound system which will allow us to put in the final 5 bathrooms in the cabin village. They need to wait until there is a frost so the ground is hard enough to get the trucks out in the field BUT the ground can’t be frozen.  Once the mound system is in, we need to order the seven remaining bio tanks, 5 septic tanks, plumbing for all five bathrooms, finishing all bathrooms- tiling and fixtures. So there is still a lot to be done BUT our goal is to have our septic project is complete by summer 2015.

Having bathrooms in all of our cabins next summer will be really important and very much appreciated by our campers.

We have other needs around our facility that are not as BIG, but just as important:

  • Widen all of our roads on the property to meet code with the fire department
  • Repair volunteer parking area
  • Electrical work around the property

We are looking forward to entering this final phase of ‘The Hero Fund’!

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