PSMS2-300x225This year’s Camp Ta-Kum-Ta proved more special and, I believe, more rewarding than our previous two Give Back Days at the Camp. Not only do we have the day’s events and processes down very well, which made the PSMS Team more productive than ever, but we had a visit from Grace, a long time “camper” at Camp Ta-Kum-Ta. Grace helped us remember our own blessings and very quietly reminded us why Camp Ta-Kum-Ta occupies a very special place in the hearts of our company.

Around 9:00 p.m. on Thursday night I found myself more physically and emotionally drained than ever, but also feeling so blessed to work with such a terrific group of people who worked incredibly hard and have huge hearts! Given the comments I received throughout the day today, I know many of you felt the same way.

Thanks to the awesome team from PSMS Stowe that made the day so special. You’re amazing and I thoroughly enjoy working, and laughing, with each and every one of you. The team from Stowe:

  • Kevin & Allison Lane
  • Dominique Couture
  • Victor Vesnaver
  • Lee St. Onge
  • Matt Lane
  • Rick Downing
  • Susan Beattie
  • Tammy McGuriman
  • Mark Bevis
  • Jim Osborne
  • Michelle LaBarge
  • Sandy Reeks
  • Brian Campbel
  • Steve & Stephanie Cunningham
  • Rob & Jen Selwah
  • Alan Ouellette
  • Earl Walters
  • Chris & Andrea Donahue
  • Charlie Castor
  • Kim Ferrer
  • Melissa & Mike Manley
  • Amanda Wisell
  • Tricia Majetich
  • Maureen McLaughlin
  • Ahmad Abdel-Mawgood

Dave McGuriman and Kevin Rett deserve an extra “shout out.” Dave and Kevin signed up for Give Back Day, but needed to stay behind to assist with the LVOC telephone and network outage. Thanks, guys, for volunteering to go to the Camp, but then staying behind to take care of some critical PSMS issues.

And, finally, a hearty thanks to Dominique, Melissa, Tricia, and Michelle for helping plan and execute various parts of the event and making the day a complete success. Another well-executed day, thanks to your efforts.

A number of people have asked me about helping plan next year’s event, and we already received a number of great ideas to help make the day even more special. If you want to help plan next year’s event, please let Dominique know as soon as possible. We welcome your ideas. Also, we may have a few interim events throughout the summer if people have an interest.

Have a wonderful weekend and thanks again for your generosity and hard work!


CEO Par Springer Miller Systems

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