Steve Leblanc, Lindsay Furlong-O’Hara, Kathryn Anger, and Rosemary Souza-Botten receive the 2019 Volunteer Recognition Awards.


The Camp Ta-Kum-Ta Volunteer Recognition Awards are given to volunteers who are nominated by their peers and who have gone above and beyond.


Lindsay Furlong-O’Hara

The Rising Star Award
is presented to a new(er) volunteer who has shown exceptional dedication to the organization and has gone above and beyond all volunteer requirements.

This volunteer has been a part of Camp Ta-Kum-Ta for 5 years. They first began at Winter Weekends and then joined our traditional week-long summer program. This volunteer jumped right in from the start. They have always stepped up when needed; they are always one of the first to lead when additional hands are needed.

This volunteer knows how to make those around them feel safe, comfortable, loved.
They are always there to make their many friends, fellow counselors and Campers feel heard and cared for.
This volunteer has brought spirit, enthusiasm, and compassion to each program they have been a part of. This person always greets you with spark and smile that is truly infectious.

Whether it’s during our many programs or for a fundraising event that benefits Camp, their commitment is unconditional.
A role model; they lead by example and truly cares about Camp and our families….though our Siblings hold a very special place in her heart!! Through this love people are drawn to her.

It is my great honor and privilege to present the Rising Star award to
Lindsay Furlong-O’Hara


Kathryn Anger

The Shooting Star Award is given to a volunteer who has been with the organization for several years. This volunteer can always be counted on and consistently goes beyond the expectations.

Our 2019 Shooting Star has volunteered at camp for 15 years.   This volunteer’s love of camp is apparent both at camp and in the community.  If you have ever heard this person talk about the pride they take when wearing camp clothing and someone asks them about camp….they simply radiate.

This volunteer has held multiple roles at camp, volunteers for multiple programs and fundraisers.  Her energy is unmatched.

You may not know that this year’s recipient spends many hours outside of camp organizing, sorting and cleaning so they can maximize their time here and share their talent.

A friend to many and one of those who is quick to say thank you and show appreciation to others, this volunteer is genuine, kind and helpful.  Never one to shy away from helping anyone who asks, this volunteer can be found bringing the YG counselors coffee and helping get the YG ready for Polar Bear.

Sheevens makes house calls for special fittings! I guess you could say that she makes everyone look good! I overheard someone say this morning that she makes all the little prince & princesses dreams come true.

It is with great pleasure we present the Shooting Star Award to Kathryn Anger!


Steve Leblanc

Today’s third award is the Shining Star Award which honors a volunteer who has dedicated many years to the organization. The recipient has made Camp Takumta a part of his or her life, and typically embodies the spirit of our organization by working innumerable hours in many different capacities – and this year’s recipient truly fits the bill.

As one volunteer wrote: this volunteer “is one of the quiet volunteers. Not a lot talk but always a lot of presence. No matter what the task, no matter what time of day, no matter the scope of a job, this volunteer gets it done with little fanfare and with few knowing the effort put in to get things done.” This volunteer uses their knowledge and skill to make sure things happen in front of and behind the scenes. And although a quiet person, if you have volunteered at camp, you have been effected by this volunteer’s work; if you are new to camp, it will not be long until you are affected by this volunteer’s work here at camp.

If you have had a problem with technology, or maybe some wiring of lights while at camp – it is a good bet, this volunteer was there to fix it for you;

If you have watched a slide show – it is because this volunteer puts in many late nights and a lot of work during camp week to produce a memorable show so appreciated by the campers, Their families, and all of us;

If you view a yearbook – it is because of the efforts of this volunteer made during the camp session to get great photos, and then helps choose the best pictures to memorialize our many memories – again, enjoyed by so many for years and years to come.

And this year, after 26 years at camp as both a camper and a dedicated volunteer, we get to show him our appreciation for the countless hours he has given to camp. He captures the best of camp through his talents, and through the man he is – he truly exemplifies the characteristics, fortitude and integrity as a volunteer that makes Camp Takumta a better place. It is with great appreciation, admiration, love and high respect of his talents and contributions that we present Steve Leblanc with this year’s Shining Star Award.


Rosemary Souza-Botten

A member of the board, the personnel director, and chair/member of numerous committees – all requiring great investments of time.
A volunteer who gives so unselfishly to others,
A volunteer who communicates with each and everyone of us MANY times through the year to ensure each and every program
that happens at camp goes off as smoothly and efficiently as possible;
A volunteer whose organization skills are some of the best we have ever worked with,
A volunteer who keeps camp and its spirit alive by sending us our dose of camp love through our daily emails,
A volunteer whose leadership inspires everyone to be their best so our campers have the best,
A volunteer who is a great listener, a great adapter, a great mediator and a great friend; she is one of the fairest people I have worked with,
She is truly invested in making sure each of us have what we need to make sure our campers have the best of times when they attend
a program.
A volunteer who is the mother of a former Camper, and now has inspired 2 children to be volunteers here at camp.
A volunteer who is just one great lady.

Personally, it has been an absolute joy to work with Rosemary on the Volunteer Mgmt Committee. As with everything, she makes it fun, challenging, and rewarding. The camp
Is truly fortunate to have such a talent in their midst.

Rosemary Thank you for all you do – your efforts are huge part of why camp happens, why our volunteers return or others want to join us, and most importantly why are campers
Get to come to camp and experience the love, joy and family that Camp Takumta is Thank you. Rosemary Sousa-Botten you are a Shooting Star.


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